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Ark Hospitality Profile

The story behind ark hospitality can be traced back to the early 90’s with the development of solutions for interior decorations and design. Our company, slowly but steadily has become a point of reference for what concerns interior decoration of the hotel sector, with the development of a vast array of furniture. Moving from classical to modern minimalist design.

Your clients will appreciate the decorations delivered with our cooperation. At the same time you will be able to value our services brought through the expertise of our production centres located in diverse regions such as Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio. Our partners will be able to deliver a large array of products for your space, ranging from lighting, doors, tiling, and pavements. The purpose of our endeavour is to make you feel a participant in a project that involves you.

Listening to any possible concerns, ideas or queries in regards to your vision, giving us the opportunity to further discuss projects and pursue the highest standards. This process of confrontation will be crucial during the design phase, having received a through input from our clients.

One of our specialized services includes personalized designs and visualizations of spaces through multimedia productions, collages, and AutoCAD projections, aimed at giving our clients a 360-degree service. Our experienced team will then be able to look into every minor detail and program the full implementation of the visualization, guaranteeing an impeccable and on time delivery. Such services help us construct an image of a company that maintains its integrity, looking towards the future and aiming at providing a service that is both distinctive and personalized.

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